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Pediatric and Adult Oral and Facial Surgery

Diplomate, American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
1330 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA 02446

Replacing Missing teeth just got a whole lot easier

Dental Implants ..the easy way to a pefect smile

Everyone deserves a beautiful smile.

Twenty years ago dental implants caused a revolutionary charge in dentistry.

Now, millions of people all over the world enjoy the comfort and beauty of implants. Implants are man-made replacements for the tooth roots that have been lost. they look and feel just like real teeth.

This simple surgery can transform your confidence and improve your looks.  With these tremendous advances in esthetic dentistry, there is no need to put up with anything less.

Advantages of Implants over Bridges or Root Canal

  • Long Lasting - Permanent

  • Did you know that the average life of a crown or bridge is only seven years? Implants generally last for the life of the patient.
  • Eat whatever you like

  • Implants are stable an secure, so you can comfortably eat all of your favorite foods.
  • Keep Looking Younger

  • When you lose a tooth, your jawbone shrinks, making you look older. Implants prevent this process from occurring.
  • Short surgery and return right back to work

  • Inserting implants is typically a quick and painless process. Patients often return to work right after their appointment.
  • Eat Right Away

  • We make it possible for you to eat right after your surgery.
  • Perfect Fit and Perfect Match

  • When coupled with fixed crowns or bridges your new teeth will be indistinguishable from your real teeth.
  • Save healthy teeth

  • With traditional crown and bridge dentistry both teeth on either side need to be ground down. Implants make this unnecessary. Implants are long lasting; usually for the life of the patient.

Why choose NWOS?

  • Experience and Safety

  • Dr. Orden has done thousands of implant cases since 1982

    When you have surgery you want it done by a real surgeon

    Regardless of the ease or complexity of your case only a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon has all the skills and options available that will provide the best chance for a sucessful outcome.
  • Quality of Care

  • We use only FDA approved, Nobel Biocare Implants, the original and most trusted implants in the world; not some generic 'knock-off' used by many 'discount' clinics.
  • State-of-the-Art

  • We have the latest in technology; from instrumentation to platelet regeneration of bone and our own digital CT Scanning
  • Comfort with Anesthesia or Sedation

  • You have the choice! Local anesthesia, Sedation, General Anesthesia..whatever you like to make you feel comfortable.